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  We have been engaged in the manufacturing of reproduction and
replacement parts for Powerplus and Harley Davisdon pocket valve motorcycles
for 17 years.  Our spare parts are responsible for restoring and retrofitting
countless vintage machines, worldwide, on the road today.  During this time we
have avoided commercial advertising and rely solely on the "word of mouth"
recommendations of our valued customers. Our stellar reputation is the key to
success, and to the continued trust and satisfaction of our associates.  We
offer a money back guarantee for one week after receipt of our product, should
they prove unsatisfactory. All manufacturing defective parts will be
cheerfully replaced without charges. All cancelled orders without valid
complaint will be subject to shipping and restocking charges only. Special
orders, one offs, and prototypes are totally exempt. No further warranty is
issued or implied. Use products at your own risk.


 We prefer shipment with German Parcel, the least expensive option @
60 Euro per 20 kgs.  UPS shipping can be arranged without difficulty and is
considerably quicker, although nearly twice the cost.


  We don't have the luxury to handle credit cards. Money wires are
acceptable, but personal checks are our choice.  All prices are Euro.  For your
convenience use this link to convert your currency to Euro:



  Since we have various manufacturing facilities available to us, we will entertain custom orders for all conceivable types of parts.  You need only to provide us with an accurate sample to proceed with a costimation and discussion of possibilities.  We extend our services to purveyors of all marques of motorcycles and automobiles. Contact us for
further definitions of our fabrication capabilities.


Feel free to contact us in any of these languages:

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